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Spiral Bevel Gears

Spiral Bevel

Spiral Bevel Gears & Pinions ground on the Gleason 280G in closed loop (Gleason GEM’s Design -Ground-Measured and fed back to maintain the design).

Spiral Bevel Gears and Pinions Ratios 1:1 – 8:1
1Mn – 10Mn 22mm tooth depths Typ. 25° – 45° Sprial Angles
Ø15mm – Ø280mm
Completing with duplex tooth taper
Gear generated or FORMATE (plunge) ground

Spiral Bevel ProductionSpiral Bevel Inspection


Hypoid offset Ground Gears and Pinions

Ground Hypoid pinions and gears with offset Ratios 3:1 – 10:1
1Mn – 10Mn 22mm tooth depths.
Upto Ø280mm
Offsets  10%-20% of pitch diameter typical is 10-15%
Enlarged pinion compared to spiral bevel pinion

High Ratio Hypoid

HRH and SRH gears & pinions extreme high offsets with high ratios.

Ground HRH pinions and gears ratios 5:1 – 100:1
1Mn – 2.25Mn
Parallel tooth depth
High pinion offsets 20-33% of outside diameter of gear

Pinion Inspection