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Spur Gears

Bespoke ground, hobbed and shaped spur gears.

0.5Mn – 16Mn spur gears with external diameters from 15mm to 850mm and internal diameters up to Ø400mm.

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Precision ground spur gear with profile modifications

Helical Gears

Bespoke ground, hobbed and shaped helical gears.

0.5Mn – 16Mn helical gears in left hand and right hand.
Up to 45° helix angles are available with diameters up to Ø850mm.

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Gear Splines

Involute gear splines internal and external.

0.8Mn to 8Mn with diameters up to Ø400mm.
Typical pressure angles 30° 37.5° and 45°.

Internal Spline Cutting
Internal Spline

Worms & Wormwheels

Axial pitch ground worms and hobbed wormwheels.

0.5Mx – 3.0Mx single and multi-start pitches in right and left hand leads.
Worms Ø10mm to Ø60mm with wormwheels dependent on the worm design.

Worm Thread Grinding