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Gear Grinding

Gleason P600/800G Gear Form Grinding

High accuracy DIN Q3-4 0.5Mn – 16Mn Ø15mm – Ø850mm Spur Helical.
Profile modifications – Tip Relief, Root Relief, Tip Chf, Profile Crowning.
Lead Modification – Crowning, Eccentric Crowning, End Reliefs.

Spiral Bevel Video
Internal machine shot of a spur gear being ground on a Gleason P600/800G machine

Spur Gears

Internal shot of a Gleason P90 machine gear cutting

Gear Cutting

Gleason P90 High Speed Gear Hobber

Able to cut DIN Q7 Spur, Helical and also Worm Mill and Wormwheel cut.
Lead crown and auto-load function.
0.4Mn – 4Mn

Gear Shaping Video

Cylindrical & Thread Form Grinding

Studer S31 Precision Internal, External and Thread Form Grinding.

Grinding <0.003mm runouts, with +- 0.0025mm tolerances.
<0.4Ra Surface finishes.
Ø2mm – Ø350mm and up to 1000mm between centres.

Bore Grinding Video
External Shot of a Studer S31 cylindrical grinding machine
External shot of a Mazak i-300 machining centre

5 Axis Simultaneous Machining

Mazak i-300 AWC High Speed Production

30 Pallets, 145 tools and Renishaw probing.
Able to precision machine components from solid billets of aluminium and steel. 
Utilizing 3D CAD and CADCAM software for the machining of complex shapes.

Turning Centres

Mazak 200MSY with RoboJob.

Bar and Billet loading Ø6mm – Ø900mm.
All controlled via SMOOTH technology

External shot of a Mazak QT 250MY turning centre


Gleason 475GMS

Gear Analytical Inspection, Mitutoyo CMM’s.
First Article Inspection (F.A.I.) Reports.
Measurement Reports.
Material Certificates

Gear Inspection Video