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Gear Design 

KISSsoft Gear Analysis ISO 6336

For more advanced design of spur, helical, worm and wheel gears we use industry leading design software to handle the complex problems and conform to industry standards. Used in the design of EV Gears, Aerospace and Rail. Spline gear teeth DIN 5480.

Spiral Bevel Gear Design

Gleason GEMS® Design Suite

Spiral Bevel, Hypoid and High Ratio Hypoid designs can be produced and optimised in-house with our GEMS® system. In a closed loop system with our Gleason 280G bevel grinder and inspection machines we can manufacture smooth, accurate and high load capacity teeth.

Gleason GEMS® Hypoid Ease-Off

3D CAD Design

Solidworks® 3D CAD

Using our Solidworks 3D CAD platform we produce models and drawings for production.

Gear Teeth Dimensions

Free Gear Tooth Calculator

A simple user interface displaying the tooth profile in the transverse section and automatically updating with your inputs allowing you to consider factors such as profile shift, undercutting and tooth thickness.

Gear Calculator
3D CAD model of a spiral bevel having text milled on to it using the Hypermill CADCAM software


Hypermill® CADCAM

Using 3D CAD models in conjunction with our Hypermill CAM platform we are able to produce tools paths for our factory.