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Category: Gears

Large Internal Gear Spline.

Ondrives Ltd using our CNC machines from Gleason Corporation for gear cutting the internal gear spline teeth and using our large Megaturn 900M from Mazak Europe the #spline steel forged part is larger than you may think it is to give you some relationship to its size the chuck on our Megaturn 900M is as the name 900mm diameter and the table…
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Gear Splines – CNC Shaped.

At Ondrives we are able to manufacture involute gear splines internal and external. Ondrives Ltd Ltd #gears gear shaping with the latest CNC Gleason Corporation Corporation #P400ES. Using technology to be able to cut with no relief normally you would need a gap or undercut relief but with this method #spline cutting with only a small radius. Some links that maybe of interest…
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Gear Calculator for Spur & Helical Gears.

Ondrives Ltd  have updated our Gear Calculator. To now give you, for spur and helical gears not only tooth sizing on z1 gears, but also centre distance for use in a pair z1–z2 and T2 output torque as a guide. Based on  #ISO6336 using our standard range as a reference. You can use a variety of…
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