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Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

BLHT Spiral bevel gearbox but manufactured with stainless steel components. Using 440C stainless steel bearings with seals we can make gearbox casings on site in 303 (1.4305) 316 (1.4301) stainless, as well as been able to make in other grades. As we manufacture every part of the gearbox except bearings and grease, we can make…
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Large Internal Gear Spline.

Ondrives Ltd using our CNC machines from Gleason Corporation for gear cutting the internal gear spline teeth and using our large Megaturn 900M from Mazak Europe the #spline steel forged part is larger than you may think it is to give you some relationship to its size the chuck on our Megaturn 900M is as the name 900mm diameter and the table…
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Ondrives Linkedin

We have our own Linkedin page so you can follow us and keep up with our latest posts. We are posting some photo’s of our production design and new parts. As well a few videos that you may find of interest in the gear industry, especially for spur and helical gears but also spiral bevels…
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