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Author: Ben Hinchliffe

FIA2022 Farnborough International Airshow

At FIA2022 Farnborough International airshow 2022 we are getting prepared at Ondrives Ltd for the start of this world recognised major aerospace exhibition for us with the FIA2022 show, we are going to be in Hall 2 Stand 2311. From the 18th to the 22nd July we will be here and ready for your questions and any…
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Mach 2022 Exhibition 4th-8th April Stand 20-20

At Mach 2022 we are getting prepared at Ondrives Ltd for the start of exhibition season for us with the Mach show, we are going to be on Stand 20-20 (Hall 20 Stand 20). From the 4th to the 8th April we will be here and ready for your questions and any help with gear projects you…
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Gearbox Designs – Technical Improvements.

Ondrives has been on a quest of step by step improvements to existing worm wheel bevel and helical gear driveunits. All of which make and improve on our base designs to give improvements over and above our competitors. An example of our new looks are below the P30 range still the same dimensionally but full…
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QR codes and Country of Origin

Ondrives Ltd marking of our original gearboxes and reducers. All our gearboxes we produce at Ondrives Ltd in the UK to identify them as original produced and design by us, are laser etched.We will laser etch the product code, serial number for traceability, Ratio, QR code for link back to our gearbox technical files on…
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Precision and Accuracy in Gear Industry

Ondrives Precision Gears and Gearboxes, we have been producing larger more accurate gearing as well as been able to measure large internal external gear splines for our customers when needed. We have precision machined this large ground pinion, heat treated and then finish ground diameters (journals) to tight finish tolerances finish ground the gear teeth…
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Gearbox Testing – Spiral Bevel Tests.

Spiral Bevel Gearbox SBC-90 under test at Ondrives. Spiral Bevel Gearbox SBC-90 under test on Ondrives new test rig able to test input torques upto 65Nm and output torques of 200Nm upto 1000rpm. Running our oil filled spiral bevel gearbox we were able to achive efficencies of 97% in the assembly including the input and…
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Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

BLHT Spiral bevel gearbox but manufactured with stainless steel components. Using 440C stainless steel bearings with seals we can make gearbox casings on site in 303 (1.4305) 316 (1.4301) stainless, as well as been able to make in other grades. As we manufacture every part of the gearbox except bearings and grease, we can make…
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Large Internal Gear Spline.

Ondrives Ltd using our CNC machines from Gleason Corporation for gear cutting the internal gear spline teeth and using our large Megaturn 900M from Mazak Europe the #spline steel forged part is larger than you may think it is to give you some relationship to its size the chuck on our Megaturn 900M is as the name 900mm diameter and the table…
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